We are a team of two Brothers who strive to produce content that is both artistically beautiful and technically pristine...

the Dean Brothers offically launched in 2012 as a Directorial collaboration between two brothers.

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Tehben Dean

Director - Cinematographer

Jebarri Dean

Director - sound designer


Tehben became obsessed with photography after a family trip to Europe where he brought along a "snapshot" camera and found he really enjoyed taking photographs. After receiving positive feedback he went on to seriously learn the technical aspects of camera work as well as to further develop his eye.
His move into film came in his early teens when together with his brother and cousin he made several short films and eventually went on to attend a film course in San Francisco in 2009 which sealed his fate.
Retaining his love for stills work, Tehben branched into cinematography as his primary focus, shooting numerous narrative, commercial, documentary, TV and music video projects.

With an eye for detail and composition, his work is full of rugged landscapes and rich colors.


Jebarri grew up playing music. He took traditional Violin lessons for several years as a kid before moving on to play Guitar. In his teens he melded his knack for woodworking and love of music to build a Violin, as well as several acoustic and electric Guitars.
Always having been drawn to music and sound, his start in Audio Engineering spawned with his early days multi-tracking in Garage Band with a laptop and built in Microphone.
Since then he has worked as a field Mixer/Boom OP, but post audio has been his driving interest, Engineering his first Record the "Los Holy Santos Gang" album "Twain" in 2012. His extensive Sound Design work covers multiple commercial projects, short films, music video's and TV over the years.

Passion for purity and rich soundscapes are a defining aspect to his work.